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Banding Together: The Importance of Organ Donation

One donor can save up to eight lives. Yet organ donation is rarely discussed because of the  hesitancy to discuss matters evoking the end of life. The nature of Taylor’s story has begun to transform the conversation, bringing about a shift in perception to reveal that donor registration is an empowering act of living.

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Building A Better Community: Legacy ER & Urgent Care Recognizes Taylor's Gift Foundation


This past week, team members from Legacy ER & Urgent Care locations in Frisco, McKinney, Allen, North Richland Hills, and Coppell recognized the mission and work of Taylor's Gift Foundation by dedicating a day to the organization. 

According to Legacy ER & Urgent Care, the employees purchased over $1,000 worth of apparel and Taylor Blue nail polish to help support the work of Taylor's Gift Foundation! 

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Sharing the Message of 'Outlive Yourself'

Did you catch Co-founder of Taylor's Gift Foundation, Tara Storch, on several different media channels in Houston this past week? If not, we've got the lineup listed below!

Tara visited Fox 26, NBC 2, and KRBE Radio in Houston to share the message and mission of Taylor's Gift Foundation. The Taylor Blue nail polish and upcoming Top Golf event in Houston were just a few of the topics discussed during the interviews. Tara also discussed the story behind the Foundation and encouraged viewers and listeners to "Outlive Yourself" in all that they do. Check out the wonderful interviews below!

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Helpful Resource: Organ Donation Terms Defined

If you’ve been following Taylor’s Gift Foundation online or have attended one of our events, you may have heard a few terms or phrases that may be new to you. The world of organ donation holds many terms,  so we decided to write a few definitions for commonly used terms that you may hear or read about at Taylor’s Gift. We hope this is helpful to you!  Feel free to pass on and share.

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You Have Something That Can Provide Hope and Help to Donor Families in Need

Being a part of Taylor’s Gift Foundation has given me an incredible opportunity to see how generous people can be. I am consistently amazed by our supporters, volunteers, and friends. With the help of all these generous people who came alongside us and supported our important mission, 2015 was an amazing year for Taylor’s Gift. 

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Give a Gift That Means More: Give the Gift of Life

What's a gift you can give that means a little bit more? The gift of life, of course. 

This Christmas we encourage you to give the greatest gift by registering to be an organ donor. One single donor can save up to EIGHT lives. Oh, and while you're home for the holidays, be sure to talk to your loved ones about your life-saving decision to be an organ donor. 

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5 Inspiring Instagram Posts We Fell In Love With This Week

Oh Instagram, how we love thee. You are on Instagram... right? Facebook is great and Twitter is, well slightly overwhelming if we're being honest, but Instagram is like an endless feed of photos from new found friends from around the world! Plus it's like a treasure hunt! You never know what gems you'll find when you do a search for #organdonation or #donatelife. Share in the hope and love! Follow us @taylorsgiftorg and be sure to show us how you #outliveyourself

Five Instagram Posts We Fell in Love With This Week

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Share the Hope of Organ Donation in Your Faith Community

Learn more about National Donor Sabbath and how YOU can get involved in your faith community! Did you celebrate National Donor Sabbath last year? Be sure to leave a comment sharing how you made an impact in your community.

1. What is National Donor Sabbath?

A Friday through Sunday observance for faith leaders from various religions to help educate the public about the importance of organ donation two weekends before Thanksgiving.

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7 Organ Donation Posts to Share this Week

Are you ready for the beach? Kick off your Fourth of July holiday weekend with some fun ideas for talking about organ donation (like dressing up the dogs and taking them to the beach) and sharing some of this week's inspiring organ donation stories we found on social media.

Image: dogsfordonation on Instagram

Big Smiles

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This Week's Trending Stories of Hope - Talking About Organ Donation on Social Media

Looking for a little pick-me-up? With so many good stories, we couldn't resist sharing a few organ donation posts from the week.

If you watch Ellen, you’ve hopefully met her adorable “boyfriend” Tayt who has been eagerly awaiting a new heart. We are thrilled to hear that sweet Tayt’s donor heart came this week; our thoughts and prayers go out to the donor family, Tayt, and his family.

Photo from the Ellen DeGeneres Show Facebook page

Tayt Received a Donor Heart

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