Banding Together: The Importance of Organ Donation


One donor can save up to eight lives. Yet organ donation is rarely discussed because of the  hesitancy to discuss matters evoking the end of life. The nature of Taylor’s story has begun to transform the conversation, bringing about a shift in perception to reveal that donor registration is an empowering act of living.

It’s always more fun and impactful when individuals come together collectively for a common purpose.  They “band” together so that their impact is greater.  We recently shared with some of our supporters the Taylor Blue band with the words Outlive Yourself.

This is an outward approach to being able for individuals to share the meaning and importance of Outliving Yourself as well as the mission and purpose of Taylor’s Gift Foundation.  We hope you will join us as an organ donor advocate and share with someone else the encouraging reason of why they should sign up to be a registered organ donor.  We have a simple link to follow on our website that will take you to your state so that you can register immediately.  

This takes minutes to make a decision that could impact others in a positive way for a lifetime.  A true gift of how you can Outlive Yourself.  This is especially important if you have recently moved to another state as you need to be on the state that you reside in their registry.  A helpful way for you to remove a difficult decision that would be placed on your loved ones if you did not already make this decision.  Please consider today and if you have already registered please share this with others to follow with you as we band together and Outlive Yourself.  

Click here to purchase an #OutliveYourself bracelet and join us in banding together for organ donation. 

Outlive Yourself,


Emily Allbright

Executive Director

Taylor’s Gift Foundation

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