Inspiring March Stories: Organ Donation in the News

organdonationlifeFrom big kidney chains to the tiniest of heart transplants, these are some incredible stories of hope that are happening this March. Check out a few inspiring stories of organ donation in the news from across the nation, just this month.

Heart the size of a strawberry transplanted in 3-week-old baby - CBS News

When doctors discovered that baby Dravyn's pulmonary atresia was worse than expected, and too sick to have his heart repaired, the decision was made to put him on the heart transplant list. Within two days a heart became available, and baby Dravyn, at just three weeks old, became the youngest heart transplant recipient at UCLA in 25 years. 

Did you read the story from earlier this month about baby Oliver? He may be the youngest heart recipient in history!

Members of successful 8-person organ exchange meet, feel like one big family - Huffington Post

On March 3, 2015 the largest organ transplant of it's scale to ever occur in Connecticut, in such a short amount of time, took place at Yale-New Haven Hospital. With the donors and recipients of an eight-patent kidney exchange, the chain of transplants is a unique one that has made everyone involved feel like "one big family."

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Woman donates kidney to stranger, starts kidney transplant chain - ABC News

With the increasing need for kidney transplants, there's a rising number of kidney chains taking place - like the rare kidney transplant chain that was started when Zully Broussard took action to donate one of her kidneys to a stranger. Little did she know, her gift of life would create a chain that would grow to include six donors and six recipients.

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Did you know that there are over 100,000 people waiting on a kidney? March is National Kidney Month - Show Your Kidneys Some Love!

Texas football coach donating liver to fellow coach - FOX News

When his fellow coach, John McWilliams, announced to staff that he needed a liver it was then that Coach Matthew Beeler decided to get tested to determine if he was a match. Upon being cleared to donate 63% of his liver to Coach McWilliams the two coaches have teamed up to do something great. While McWilliams' liver is toxic to him, it is healthy enough to others who do not have his disease and he will be donating his liver as part of a domino transplant. 

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2 twins, 2 hearts in two months - UT San Diego

Fraternal twins Raul and Eric Montaño suffered from a disease that was gradually stiffening their heart muscles, reducing their blood-pumping efficiency... until recently when their futures became practically identical. Within a month the brothers received life-saving heart transplants.

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