Make 'em Disappear: Why Organ Donation Is Critical In Giving Recipients a Second Chance


About the Author: Joel Stockstill is a nationally recognized speaker and 20 year ministry veteran. He has battled with kidney failure since age 16 and has been able to have an impact despite dialysis treatments 3 times per week. He is also a transplant recipient. Joel resides in Dallas, TX with his lovely wife Amie. Together they travel and speak to conferences and churches all over North America.

Every other day I sit at my chair and have my blood cleansed. As a long term dialysis patient I’ve seen many patients come and go in my time (20yrs). They sit next to me for a while and then one day, miraculously, they disappear from the clinic. Sometimes they have become a close friend or other times it takes a week or two to notice, but inevitably the question comes up, where did he/she go? The answer is a wonderful tribute to organ donation.

When someone loses function of their kidneys they immediately face a world that is both scary and a place of suffering. Facing dialysis as a 16 year old may have not been a great vantage point for me because frankly I was terrified! Most people are adults of age and should have emotional maturity on their side, but yet the grind of facing treatment 3 days a week is daunting to anyone!

For those who are placed on dialysis, the actual process gives hope that you can continue to live and fight another day. This alone is a blessing. The process, on the other hand, is brutal and many times causes people to lose all hope and desire an immediate escape of a life of constant suffering. Enter transplant…

When someone has kidney failure, there is only one real, viable option for long term sustainable health, kidney transplant. This becomes the hope and dream of everyone on dialysis. I have seen devastated patients and their despondent families find unending comfort and hope in this miracle. Life for life. Organ for organ. The transplant prospect has changed countless lives and daily adds to the stories of people once hopeless who have now fully recovered.

So back to the disappearing act that started this story. Where do these people go? They have received a new lease on life in form of a kidney transplant. They have been given the ultimate second chance. They have been rescued from the awful realities of dialysis and end stage kidney disease.

Every time someone indicates they would like to become a donor they check the box for someone else to potentially disappear from a dialysis clinic. What a gift! My prayer is that one day all this would be over and done and the places of treatment would be able to shut their doors due to a complete disappearance of all patients! Help us today to make this a reality!

Note: Joel has already had one transplant and awaits another life-giving donation. 


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