Share the Hope of Organ Donation in Your Faith Community

Learn more about National Donor Sabbath and how YOU can get involved in your faith community! Did you celebrate National Donor Sabbath last year? Be sure to leave a comment sharing how you made an impact in your community.

1. What is National Donor Sabbath?

A Friday through Sunday observance for faith leaders from various religions to help educate the public about the importance of organ donation two weekends before Thanksgiving.

2. What is the goal of National Donor Sabbath?

To encourage more people to become registered organ, eye, and tissue donors by sharing the hope of organ donation.

3. Who can participate in National Donor Sabbath?

Anyone! We encourage transplant recipients, donor families, and those who have been touched by the gift of life to approach their faith community about sharing their story.

4. How can I participate in National Donor Sabbath?

  • Ask faith leaders to devote a few minutes of service to talking about organ donation using some talking points like these (you can also share this resource guide for faith leaders: Sharing the Gift of Life).

  • Invite members of your faith community who have been personally touched by the gift of life to share how an organ donor has touched their life.

Other Ways to Participate in National Donor Sabbath

Help Support Taylor's Gift as we continue to work to make an impact for organ donation, including providing financial support for donor families in need.

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