A Loyal Commitment to Organ Donation: How a Liver Recipient Gives Back

A sweet and gentle spirit, a precious smile, and a loyal commitment to organ donation is what we are blessed with each time we are near our November Volunteer of the Month... Lisa Barker!

Lisa volunteered with Taylor’s Gift Foundation for the first time at our 4T Sand Volleyball Tournament this past summer with her husband, Reid. We've absolutely adored Lisa from the moment we met her! As a recent liver recipient she is a living example of the gift of life, and we are so encouraged by her enthusiasm and joy for life! 

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She's Making an Impact for Organ Donation by Giving Her Time & Talent

We are proud to announce that our volunteer of the month is.... Kim Dicken!

Kim is a special volunteer that has been involved in almost every event that Taylor’s Gift Foundation has organized since 2010. Helping with everything from checking-in volunteers to important behind the scenes work, no matter what the responsibility may be, Kim takes it on with gusto and a big smile. We always know that when we have a job we need her help with, her role will be completed perfectly!

Photo: Kim Dicken with husband Chris at a Sporting Clays Event

More Than a Volunteer

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Giving Back Because of the Gift of Life: A Kidney Recipient's Passion

If you’ve ever seen Kim around town, you’ve probably noticed her wearing signature colors of Taylor Blue and Donate Life green, in some form or fashion. Whether it be on her nails, earrings, shirt, or jewelry… Kim loves to use every opportunity to spark up a conversation about organ donation - and we love that about her! Her heart is on fire with a passion for organ donation, and she has so graciously blessed us at Taylor’s Gift Foundation with her time and talents. Please help us thank our September volunteer of the month, Kim Bradshaw!

Photo: Kim (Kidney Recipient) and Tina (Double Lung Transplant Recipient and August Volunteer of the Month) at the Disco Run in May 2014

A Perfect Fit

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A Passion for Serving Turns into Giving the Gift of Life

Have you heard of Tresha Glowacki? No? Well, now you have... she is our July Volunteer of the Month!   

Tresha was one of our very first volunteers in the days when Taylor's Gift Foundation was just being established. She has volunteered her photography talents at our events, helped with behind the scenes details on countless projects, shared our message through local publications, and so much more.

Because of her passion for the Foundation's mission, Tresha had herself tested for a local teenager who was in desperate need of a kidney. A perfect match, Tresha is now a living kidney donor! We were able to witness first hand as she provided the beautiful gift of life to someone in need - a true blessing to us. Now, four years later, that sweet teenage boy is thriving and enjoying life! Not only does Tresha share the message and mission of Taylor's Gift - she lives it!

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YOU Have the Power to Make an Impact - Will You 'Outlive Yourself'?

Photo Credit: Live Life Happy

Written by Mitchell Savage, Volunteer and Advocate for Taylor’s Gift

In 1987, my father heard those dreaded words: “Your heart will not beat much longer. We believe your only chance is a transplant.”

My dad was a young man in the 50’s and 60’s when smoking was glamorous. Though he did quit, the damage was done before the Surgeon General got his way on to the labeling of cigarette packs. Heart disease, coupled with his workaholic personality brought him ongoing heart problems, two massive heart attacks, and finally… a place on the transplant waiting list.

It’s Time to Ditch the Stigma

Today, that waiting list has grown to more than a hundred and twenty thousand people – all awaiting the precious gift of a renewed opportunity just to keep alive. Nearly 50 years after Christian Barnard performed the first successful heart transplant, why is organ donation not commonplace? With the ability to save lives at our fingertips, why do 18 people die each day awaiting an organ?

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Making an Impact: Corporate Giving Gets Personal with Xerox

Written by Kim Hart and Penny Savage, Xerox Corporation

Kim Hart is a busy wife, mom, and full time employee at Xerox. Being a part of her local community and church, she was touched by the Storch family's story. The loss of Taylor and the foundation that followed ignited her desire to make a difference, and she nominated Taylor's Gift for the company's community involvement program. Making the connection even more personal, her co-worker Penny Savage had been personally touched by organ donation through her husband Sam’s heart transplant and wanted to share their story! Kim and Penny believe that "organ donation helps us Outlive Ourselves through the best gift of all… Life."

Sometimes we feel like little hamsters running, running, running on those never ending wheels. We get so caught up in the day-to-day life that we don’t even realize that we’re running in circles. That is, until something happens… something that makes us STOP. Suddenly we’re forced to put everything “important” down, and simply be still.

Four years ago, over Spring Break, I got a slew of urgent prayer requests on Facebook; emails from church friends and neighbors from around town flooded my inbox. In a matter of hours, everyone in town was praying for the Storch family; I immediately recognized the name - it was a wonderful family that I recognized from church. The news was bad, and hearts were heavy. A beautiful girl by the name of Taylor Storch had been injured in a tragic ski accident.  

When Tragedy Hits, Hope Rises

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Living Proof for the Gift of Life


We are so excited to announce that May’s Volunteer of the Month is... Larry Hediger! "Liver Larry", as we've lovingly nicknamed him, is a five year liver recipient and a true treasure to us at Taylor's Gift Foundation. Larry, thank you so much for all you do!

Called to Connect for the Cause of Organ Donation

Being an organ recipient, Larry felt called to support Taylor’s Gift after hearing Founder, Todd Storch speak at a local gathering. Helping out at one of our first events, he has been an active volunteer with the foundation since the very beginning.

Attending almost every major event, Larry has helped us in so many capacities. Helping both in front of and behind the scenes, he is incredibly generous - always eagerto give his time and talent to help further the Taylor's Gift misson. Passionate about sharing his story, we were so excited to have Larry as a featured speaker with Founders Todd and Tara at the Collin College Distinguished Lecture Series back in October of 2013. 

We love having Larry at our events! He is always wearing a smile, meeting and interacting with participants. It seems simple, but he is making a HUGE impact for the cause of organ donation; he is living proof of the work that Taylor's Gift exists for!

Larry, you are a gift to us and we thank you for for every moment of time you have so generously given to us!

A Volunteer's Perspective

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A Faithful Family: Forever Friends

We are so excited to announce that the Volunteer of the month for April is not just an individual, but rather a wonderful family - the Quirk Family!

Kathy and Jeff - along with their children Courtney and Michael - have been volunteering with Taylor’s Gift Foundation since day one. Through their love, support, and dedication, they have faithfully served the needs of the foundation in so many ways. Words cannot adequately describe the gratitude we feel for their generous efforts.  

From the Beginning

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Outlive Yourself Stories: Local Eagle Scout Gives Back

Local resident and active Boy Scout, Riley Hyslop, chose to give back to the Coppell community through his Eagle Scout project, completed in April of this year. The beautiful sign at Taylor’s Garden, located at Coppell Middle School East, entailed multiple details and planning in order to execute. Selecting the project wasn’t a tough decision, as Riley stated, “The reason I chose Taylor’s Garden Sign was to give back in honor of an old friend. I also found it as a great opportunity to give back to my former middle school that provided me with so much learning opportunity.”

Riley’s Project: The Taylor’s Garden Sign

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Celebrating National Donor Sabbath 2013

Organized in 1997, National Donor Sabbath is a multi-faith initiative celebrated annually in November to help all denominations educate and inform their local communities on the life-saving gifts of organ and tissue donation. At Outlive Yourself Foundation, we are proud to support National Donor Sabbath as a unified effort, joining together with one another to share the importance and impact that organ donation (including cornea and tissue donation) has on countless lives across the country.

What is National Donor Sabbath?

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