Mother Of Heart Transplant Recipient Shares Story of Hope

Our son was born in August 1998 in Anchorage, Alaska. I had a normal pregnancy with all the prenatal appointments, vitamins, and check-ups. I may have packed on a few too many pounds, but I was healthy and thrilled to be having a baby boy.

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7 Organ Donation Posts to Share this Week

Are you ready for the beach? Kick off your Fourth of July holiday weekend with some fun ideas for talking about organ donation (like dressing up the dogs and taking them to the beach) and sharing some of this week's inspiring organ donation stories we found on social media.

Image: dogsfordonation on Instagram

Big Smiles

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This Week's Trending Stories of Hope - Talking About Organ Donation on Social Media

Looking for a little pick-me-up? With so many good stories, we couldn't resist sharing a few organ donation posts from the week.

If you watch Ellen, you’ve hopefully met her adorable “boyfriend” Tayt who has been eagerly awaiting a new heart. We are thrilled to hear that sweet Tayt’s donor heart came this week; our thoughts and prayers go out to the donor family, Tayt, and his family.

Photo from the Ellen DeGeneres Show Facebook page

Tayt Received a Donor Heart

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Stories That Inspire: Organ Donation in the News

Did you see these recent organ donation stories in the news? It’s amazing to see the hope that organ donation gives not only to transplant recipients, but to so many donor families and recipient families as well.

Organ Donation Stories in the News

19 years after heart transplant, Amity teenager very healthy

Born on Valentine’s Day with a broken heart, Jake received a heart transplant at 7 months old. After doctors told him that his heart would last ten years, Jake is still very healthy 19 years later.

Read the full story from

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Inspiring March Stories: Organ Donation in the News

From big kidney chains to the tiniest of heart transplants, these are some incredible stories of hope that are happening this March. Check out a few inspiring stories of organ donation in the news from across the nation, just this month.

Heart the size of a strawberry transplanted in 3-week-old baby - CBS News

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Baby Oliver May be the Youngest Heart Recipient in History

It’s an incredible story that baby Oliver, now two months old, has to share with the world. Born seven weeks premature, and receiving a heart transplant at just six days old, baby Oliver may be the youngest heart recipient in history! In a recent interview that CBS News had with baby Oliver’s mom, she said, “he’s just surpassed everyone’s expectations, he’s done phenomenal,” but things didn’t always look so great.

Photo: Baby Oliver (Facebook - Oliver's Journey)

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National Black History Month: Making an Impact for Organ Donation

With February being National Black History Month, we thought we’d highlight a few people who have made a BIG impact for organ donation, and the need for an increased number of organ donors in the African American community.

Making an Impact for Organ Donation

Dr. Velma Scantlebury - America’s first black female transplant surgeon - has helped perform more than 1,000 kidney transplants since beginning her career in 1989. Extremely passionate about her work in the organ donation community, she works to educate minorities about organ donation in hopes of encouraging them to become organ donors. She has vowed that she will not be satisfied until “the number of African Americans donating equals the number that needs to be transplanted.”  

Image: Dr Velma Scantlebury (AMAT)

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"Winning", the NFL, and Organ Donation

Well, the Dallas Cowboys lost… and that’s pretty much old news by now.

But we’re not really too concerned about who wins or loses in football. Honestly, we’re much more excited when we hear about someone “winning” by receiving the gift of life - like the recent story on Jim Ely, the NFL timekeeper for the Dallas Cowboys home games.

Photo: WFAA News

He’s 83 years old and recently received a kidney transplant - something not so common in his age group when it comes to organ transplants. Because their "life expectancy isn’t as long as others", many hospitals won’t consider patients over 70 years old for transplants. But Ely didn’t lose hope - he kept looking for a hospital that would take him. After being turned down by over half a dozen hospitals, doctors at UT Southwestern Medical Center were convinced that Ely’s good health - and his motivation to do whatever was required to get healthier - made him a good candidate for being a transplant patient.

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Texas Reaches 7 Million Registered Organ Donors... and Counting!

Less than one year ago, we were excited for the Texas registry to hit 5 million registered organ donors. Today, that number has reached 7 million, and counting. 

A Note From Donate Life Texas

"Seven has long been considered a lucky number and Donate Life Texas is now proud to carry that tradition forward. On this happy morning, January 7, we are proud to announce that the Donate Life Texas registry has now registered 7 million organ, eye and tissue donors!

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of all Donate Life Texas partners across the state, we can celebrate this lifesaving milestone together. Your efforts to educate individuals, to reach out into our communities and to ask people to sign up on the Donate Life Texas registry are what have made all the difference. With each registered donor comes the hope of more transplants, shorter wait times for those in need and a lessened decision-making burden on grieving families.   

Please visit DLT on Facebook and Twitter to like and share our announcement and join us in congratulating the 7 million Texans who have each made a personal commitment to Donate Life!

On behalf of all those whose lives are touched by donation, thank you & congratulations!"

Suzy Miller
Executive Director, Donate Life Texas

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Donor Moms Practice What They Preach


Sometimes friendships and life-long bonds come from the most surprising circumstances. Two donor moms, connected for more than a decade by heartbreaking loss, are now connected to one another in a whole new way.

Photo: Donor Moms Cheryl Manley and Stephanie Baker 

Donor Moms

A “Donor Mom” is one who has suffered the loss of a child that gave the gift of life by sharing their organs and tissues. In many cases, a person makes the choice to register as an organ donor in  hopes to save lives through the gift of life, but in some cases - especially children’s - the family is approached by a care coordinator to make the choice on their behalf.

Cheryl Manley and Stephanie Baker each lost a child in traffic accidents - 

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