"Winning", the NFL, and Organ Donation

Well, the Dallas Cowboys lost… and that’s pretty much old news by now.

Cowboy_Timekeeper_Kidney_RecipientBut we’re not really too concerned about who wins or loses in football. Honestly, we’re much more excited when we hear about someone “winning” by receiving the gift of life - like the recent story on Jim Ely, the NFL timekeeper for the Dallas Cowboys home games.

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He’s 83 years old and recently received a kidney transplant - something not so common in his age group when it comes to organ transplants. Because their "life expectancy isn’t as long as others", many hospitals won’t consider patients over 70 years old for transplants. But Ely didn’t lose hope - he kept looking for a hospital that would take him. After being turned down by over half a dozen hospitals, doctors at UT Southwestern Medical Center were convinced that Ely’s good health - and his motivation to do whatever was required to get healthier - made him a good candidate for being a transplant patient.

WFAA News reported, “On December 5 — after four years on the waiting list — Ely became the last kidney transplant recipient at the now-closed St. Paul Hospital. He was also the oldest patient ever to receive a transplant there.”

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Leaving a Football Career Early to Donate a Kidney

Back in August 2014, Ma'ake Kemoeatu, a former NFL player for the Baltimore Ravens, decided to retire early so that he could donate his kidney to his brother Chris Kemoeatu, a former NFL player for the Pittsburgh Steelers. When Chris’ NFL career was cut short by the need for a kidney transplant, Ma’ake “wanted to stop everything”, and help his brother. Even though the two teams they played for were rivals, the brothers are now closer than ever. A successful surgery was performed on August 27, 2014 at University of Maryland Medical Center.

While there’s been no update since October, we hope that the brothers are back in Hawaii where they hoped to return after recovery.

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Speaking of football, did you read the post from Jarrett Payton, son of former Chicago Bears running back, the late Walter Payton?

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Did You Know?
Two thirds of the individuals waiting for an organ transplant in 2013 were 50 years old or older.
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